Monday, February 27, 2012


The red indicates the original size.  Clay shrinks as it dries and fires.
    Wishy-washy is a perfect term to describe me.  I'll attempt to plan events with my friends or for my babies, and when someone asks me to make a decision- I can't.  I trouble over what others think of me too much to actually make a determination.  I don't want to step on toes; I don't wish to offend.  To take the position of a leader is to make decisions that you'll be blamed for if, in the end, it is the wrong outcome.  This is why I do not understand power-hungry people.  Why on earth would you want that responsibility?

Also, the curved underneath happened during the drying process.
      So, I have to call some shots on this mural, regardless.  The prototype for the most-problematic dimension has warped in the drying process, and has shrunk tremendously.  The red paper underneath the sample indicates the original scale.  As far as sizing goes, I think I have to make HUNDREDS of clay shims to tack in between the boxes.  To overcome the warpage issue, I've cut down this particular measurement in half, but now I'm really curious about the other proportions, and how they'll shrink.  Do I seriously have to do a prototype of EACH SIZE?!  What I want to do is just jump in with the big dimensions because I LIKE the substantial look .  I should, however, shrink all of the large sizes down to half the original.  But, I always say, "Go big, or go home."

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