Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Working with What We've Got

I just love blogs.  The unfortunate thing is that I'm realizing that this is a whole different artform that I have to become acclamated to.  I want to delve more deeply into Louise's life and work, but I also want to tell more of the mural, and where it's going to go.  I debated all night as to what to do next, and since this blog is to document what the process of this mural is, I have to start with what we have so far.  So, I am giving you a cliched before shot of the wall that we plan on using.  I have to admit that I am a bit embarrassed, though, to show such meager pictures, for that is one of the reasons why I adore blogs like smitten kitchen so very much.  The PICTURES!  Alas, I have tried to jazz up this image of this hallway in photoshop to be up to par with that of other blogs, and I can not do it.

There you go.  A blank white wall.  I just read on another blog, the Coletterie, that as we age, we aspire more towards simplicity.  I completely agree, however this is a bit too simple.  It ventures from simple into white bread with no nutritional value.  We need to add a bit of spice to it, don't you think?
So, here is a layout of our future mural.  Can you see the Louise Nevelson influence at all?

Each squared off portion would be a shadowbox containing many design elements within.

A detail shot.  The DuBois will eventually be a hidden image.


  1. It would be really unique if each of your 70 some artists put their own special design element within the shadow box that they created. This would definitely show the DAHS artistic "family" coming out and decorating the walls. :)

  2. Liking that idea! We could even "sneak" in small messages if done artistically.

  3. This is gonna be sweeeeeeeeet! especially with period 11 helping...

    1. YOU KNOW IT! Can't wait for the 11th period crowd to start!

  4. Louise Sounds pretty interesting!
    i'm pretty excited to start this project.... what a great way to end my senior year :o)